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PSA Baddow Hall Schools.

Who are we?
The PSA is a voluntary organisation and a registered charity comprised of staff and parents from both the Baddow Hall Infant and Junior schools. We raise additional funds for the school which are spent on equipment and resources to give the children extra opportunities outside of what the local education authority will provide.
Past funds have been spent on a wide variety of things including swimming lessons (Juniors), a storytelling chair and bench in the Infant play area, and iPads for both schools. Most recently, our funds paid for the pantomime to visit both schools at Christmas, which the children absolutely loved.

The PSA exists to promote closer links between our schools and parents, and whilst working towards a common goal, we can bring staff, parents, friends and family together socially in support of our schools.

PSA Communication
We have at least 1 PSA representative per class throughout our schools, who we use to communicate via class Whatsapp groups. Our Baddow Hall PSA Facebook page is regularly updated so please find and like us on Facebook, we can also be contacted via our email address psa@baddowhall-inf.essex.sch.uk. Regular PSA Newsletters with information regarding forthcoming events, diary dates and requests for assistance with our larger events will be emailed to parents via the schools’ offices.

Following each event, we endeavour to update you as soon as possible via these channels to let you know how much money was raised, and provide you with a breakdown of what the schools’ will be spending the money on.

Committee Members / Class Reps and Volunteers
The PSA is comprised of the Committee members, class reps and volunteers.
The Committee (including the headteachers of both schools) oversee the organisation of the events. They also look after all the legal and financial aspects and liaise with the school and the governors on how donations will be spent. The committee members are also part of the volunteer team. The Class Reps are members of the PSA team who are a known contact point for each class. They help with communication and assist in feeding back to the PSA any suggestions, questions or comments from parents who cannot attend any of our meetings.
The Volunteers are a group of people who are unable to commit to being on the PSA committee but are able to offer help at different events. They give their time on the day of the event to run a stall or just be there to help make it run more smoothly.
Volunteers are contacted by Whatsapp group so are able to volunteer for events that suit them.
New members to any of our groups are welcome so please contact us if you would like to be added.

How we spend the money we raise
PSA funds are held in a PSA bank account. Our schools provide a “wish list” of items that the school would like us to fund, and we aim to provide them with as much money as possible to assist in wishes being fulfilled.
Our schools take into consideration the suggestions from the children and meet with the school council to discuss anything the children would also like as part of their learning journey. Our funds enhance our children’s learning through more up to date resources and equipment, and ultimately make learning more fun.
We thank all parents for their continued support, from their time, donations, gifts and participation; and welcome any new fundraising ideas that we can add to our timetable and make each year here at Baddow Hall even greater.