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Parent Staff Association (PSA)

Who We Are

The PSA is a voluntary organisation and a registered charity comprised of staff and parents from both the Baddow Hall Infant and Junior schools . We raise additional funds for the school in order to give the children extra opportunities outside of what the local education authority will provide.

Past funds have been spent on a wide variety of things including swimming lessons (juniors),
Jubilee commemorative coins, a storytelling chair and bench in the Infants play area, and iPads for both schools.

The Roles

The PSA is comprised of two groups, the Committee and the Fundraising Team.

The Committee (including the head teachers of both schools) oversee the organisation of the events. They also look after all the legal and financial aspects and liaise with the school and the governors on how donations will be spent. Most of those on the Committee also form part of the fundraising team.
The Fundraising Team are the ‘Think Tank’ of the P.S.A. Their primary objective is to come up with ideas for and organise the fundraising events. Informal fundraising meetings are held on a regular basis to discuss ideas on how to raise funds for the schools and how to make these happen. New members are always welcome.

We Need You

We are always looking for new recruits for the PSA. If you are interested in becoming a member of the PSA please contact us at psa@baddowhall-inf.essex.sch.uk or pass your details to any member of the PSA directly or through either school office and we will get back to you. There is no minimum commitment, we welcome any time you can give.