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Homework 09/07/2021

For homework this week we would like children to complete one of the following sports themed reading comprehensions. Adults please choose a text which you see suitable for your child's level of reading, thank you.

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Bucket full of Memories

For the second half of the summer term in Year 1 our topic is ‘Bucket full of Memories’

In English our main focus will be stories with a sea focus. The children will be learning about living near the sea and discussing creatures that live under the sea using a wide range of vocabulary. They will be looking at texts in more detail and developing their skills with inference to interpret the pictures and the text. When writing the children will be expected to write sentences using a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops and add conjunctions to make their sentences longer. They will also continue to learn their phonic letter sounds, digraphs and adjacent consonants and try applying these in their writing as well as developing their reading skills.


In Maths this term the children will continue their learning on place value. Children will learn to count forwards and backwards, compare and order numbers within 100. The children will also be learning to recognise and know the value of different denominations of coins and notes. Children will use their skills of counting in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s to help with counting different amounts of money. Our final Maths focus of the year will be learning about Time. Children will begin by ordering events and learn about the days of the weeks and months of the year. They will then be introduced to telling the time to the hour and half past the hour using an analogue clock. They learn the language of o’clock and understand the hour hand is the shorter hand and the minute hand is the longer hand. Throughout the children will be challenged with maths problems to check their understanding.


In Science the children will be investigating and sorting properties of materials and developing their investigative skills by solving a range of open investigations.


In Computing the children will continue to learn about e-safety. They will learn how to use a spreadsheet where they will add data and images to organise information. Children will also look at how technology is used outside of the school environment and discuss the different technological devices in use in their daily lives.  


Our topic focus this term is History. The children will be learning about seaside holidays in the past and learning new vocabulary related to this. They will also be learning about a significant person from the past (Grace Darling) and how this person’s actions helped developed the RNLI now.


In RE the children will learn about special symbols and objects from a range of different religions; e.g. Buddhism and Islam.


In Music the children will be participating in a range of musical activities to develop pulse, rhythm and pitch. Our main focus will be learning songs linked to the sea. We will be discussing Western and Classical music.

 We are an active school and we regularly have active/movement times throughout the school day. Our PE lessons this term will focus on cricket, underarm/overarm throwing skills and tennis. In class we will be discussing our health and mental well-being and how general hygiene helps with this.


In Art the children will be building on their knowledge of using a variety of patterns, textures, shapes, lines and tones to create a range of artwork. They will also be looking at art by famous artists.


We will continue to use ‘ClassDojo’ as a method to let you know what has been happening in the class and any ways in which you can help your child at home and ‘Bug Club’ as another resource for reading.

All homework/school work must be uploaded on the 'ClassDojo' Portfolio class pages.


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