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We’re going on bear hunt

This half term in Year 1 our topic is ‘We’re going on bear hunt’.

In English we will focus on building independence in writing and encouraging children to use correct letter formation, word banks and spelling using their phonics. Most writing activities will be based around stories relating to bears. We will also develop the children’s reading skills by using their phonic knowledge.

In Maths we will be focusing on numbers up to 10. During this term the children will be learning how to count forwards and backwards, comparing numbers using the =, > and < symbols and solving addition and subtraction sums. Throughout the children will be challenged with maths problems to check their understanding.

In Science will be learning about our five senses. We will be investigating and using our outdoor area regularly as part of our science lessons. We also have a ‘seasons’ table in each classroom which we encourage the children to add to.

Our topic focus this term is History. We will be looking at the history of toys. Throughout we will be comparing old and new toys and we will be asking our grandparents what they played with when they were young.

We are an active school and we regularly have active/movement times throughout the school day. Our PE lessons this term will focus on athletics and running for distance and gymnastics.

In Art we will be working on the children’s fine motor skills and to be able to follow a plan. We will use bears as a stimulus and the outdoor area as part of our Earth Art.

Year 1 is a time of great change for children. Throughout we will encourage the children to become confident and independent learners; and reflect about our school values throughout the school year.  We will use ‘ClassDojo’ as a method to let you know what has been happening in the class and any ways in which you can help your child at home. Please continue to record your reading at home in your home/school diaries.

If at any time you are concerned about your child please come in and chat to your class teacher.



We will keep you updated on our learning regularly using our ClassDojo page.  

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Fundamental British Values

At Baddow Hall Infant School we recognise our role in promoting fundamental British values.

In Year 1 examples of this are:

DEMOCRACY: Voting for class rules and jobs, school councillors meeting with Mrs Schlanker.

THE RULE OF LAW: Understanding the need for rules and laws and the consequences attached to breaking them. School and class rules. Rules for clubs and games.

INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY: Highlighting the right of freedom of speech and choice of activity within the rules set out above. Comparing this with other cultures and times in history.

MUTUAL RESPECT AND TOLERANCE OF THOSE WITH OTHER FAITHS AND BELIEFS: Understanding the difference between opinion and fact. Expressing opinions in an appropriate way.


These values are modelled by all staff and are reinforced throughout the curriculum, in assemblies and at all times throughout the school day.

For more information please see the document below.

Bug Club and other useful websites

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Remember..... when playing on the internet keep your password safe and do not share any information with anyone you don't know!

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