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Our topic for Summer 1 is..

Fly me to the moon!

This half term in Year 2 our topic is Fly me to the Moon.


The children will enjoy learning about the First Moon Landing as well as Space.


Our English work will be linked to our history learning, based on events beyond living memory. We will begin by reading ‘Bob Man on the Moon’ and will learn all about his job as Moon keeper. The children will write questions to Bob, describe the aliens Bob finds and then plan a new story featuring one of the aliens! The children will also develop their non-fiction writing skills when writing about real events as well as historical figures.


In Maths we will be introducing fractions to the children. We will consider fractions of shape and number. The children will be focusing on half, quarter and third. We will continue to work on applying our number skills to a range of problems. As well as this we will practise our 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.


In Science our learning will be focused around plants. We will learn about what seeds and bulbs need to grow into healthy plants and trees. We will also enjoy observing plants and trees in our school environment. The children will also be able to grow their own sunflower!


Our PE lessons will continue to focus on fitness. We will develop throwing and catching skills through the game of rounders. The children will also enjoy our weekly lessons with our PE coach.


During our computing lessons we will be learning about spreadsheets. The children will use software on Purple Mash to enter numbers and text into cells and learn how to find totals.


In RE the children will be thinking about special things in nature. They will begin by learning about the 7 natural wonders of the world before thinking about the special things in nature within religions.  


Within our design technology lessons, we will focus on moving vehicles and design and make a space buggy. The children will follow the process of design, make and evaluate.


We continue to assess the children’s reading, writing and number skills, highlighting areas for development through our next step marking and supporting the children to develop these areas.


Please continue to hear your child read and note this in their reading diary.


Also look at our page on Class Dojo for links to areas of the curriculum and examples of work that the children have completed.



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